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1. What is Brandfluencer?

Answer : Brandfluencer is a barter-based influencer marketing platform that connects the merchants and the brands through one-stop solution

2. What is the fee for the influencers?

Answer : The platform works on a barter base and does not include any payment from the brand to the influencer.

3. What are the brands providing to the influencers?

Answer : An experience at the brand's venue or a product from the brand's range – the influencer will showcase and review it on their social media platforms in exchange of a free of cost product or experience.

4. What are the influencers providing to the brands?

Answer : Genuine reviews on the influencers’ social media platforms, based on the merchant’s predefined requirements for number of posts, stories, hashtags, tags, channels, etc. Full insights from the influencers of the performance of each deliverable that gives more information on the exposure of the brand among the influencers’ audiences

5. How much would it cost to include my brand in Brandfluencer's platform?

Answer : Please contact us for more information on the subscription packages that Brandfluencer provides.

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